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Antigua’s Café No Sé: Avant-Garde Dive of Guatemala

Café No Sé | Jason Z. Guest

Here lies the kind of watering hole that assembles patrons of an eclectic ilk:international raconteurs, derelict writers, advanced collegians and bar elders, just to name a few.  The structure, a crossbred offspring – one part punk-speakeasy, the other an intelligentsia outpost – holds firm within aged walls of a former Guatemalan capital.  And should commotion break out from within this peculiar canteen, relax; simply gaze into the flickering shadows of an Ajo Macho prayer candle and enjoy the people-watching turn. Likely, the racket is just a few customers simply arguing a coherence of Dostoevsky.

Café No Sé | Rudy Girón

Home to the manifestation of proprietor John Rexer’s dreams for small batch, hand-crafted Ilegal Mezcal, this dive has since snuffed its bad habit of smuggling the illegal beverage.  Order a quick bite from their vernacular bar food and take in the audible pleasures of traveling musical talents.  A nervous lack of restraint fumigates from within, and I must caution, errant behavior is requisite for a good time. Bienvenidos a Café No Sé.  I don’t know, either. | 1 Av Sur 11C | Antigua, Guatemala

by: Jason Z. Guest