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The Grape Harvest Festival: Mendoza, Argentina

Gaucho in La Vendimia | flickr: Tanenhaus

Today concludes Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, the much celebrated annual Grape Harvest Festival of Mendoza, Argentina. Volumes of tourists have poured into the wine country over the past weekend, joining locals in giving thanks for the good fortunes of a successful harvest.

The origins of this national movement trace back to 1936. Today, the wildly popular weekend has evolved into a series of celebrations and passion, including Benediction of the fruit, and the ritualistic parades of Blanca de las Reinas (The Queen’s White Way) and Carrusel Vendimial. Acto Central, an evening theatrical compilation of music and light, concludes the weekend of events with crowds of up to twenty thousand anxiously awaiting the crowning of their Grape Harvest Queen.

Festival Information (in Spanish): Fiesta Nacional de la Vendima

Festival Information via Welcome Argentina

by: Jason Z. Guest