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ChicaBrava: Get Stoked Surfing Nicaragua

Nestled upon the southern Pacific coastline of Nicaragua lies a surfing playground, especially so for adventurous girls, thanks to forerunner Ashley Blaylock and her enterprise ChicaBrava (Brave Girl). It was here upon the big waves of San Juan del Sur where this native Texan first showed local boys that the girls have an adventurous spirit, too. “Ay, chica brava,” they would affectionately cry as she demonstrated how women are shreddin’ the gnarl.

Motivation for ChicaBrava – an all-girls surf camp – stems from her profound experience of first paddling out with other female surfers. Not only was it a confidence boost, she was inspired and as they say, the rest is history. Thus, the spirit of girls getting together to push each other gave impetus to standing up this venture.

But don’t let the word “camp” fool you. ChicaBrava is a boutique experience. This serene hideaway settles primarily within a secluded 500 acre private reserve, offering picturesque views of the Pacific from atop a 1,500 foot plateau. It’s the perfect location for enjoying savory meals beneath a setting sun. Delight over their menu, abound with fresh fruits, vegetables, free-range chicken, beef and milk, each a product of on-site gardens and the local market.

As a student, girls can choose from a full-spectrum of instructional packages including beginner, intermediate, 40+, custom, weekend and day lessons. In addition, adventurers are invited to enjoy a complimentary one-hour, full-body massage by a licensed massage therapist. And there are plenty other activities for girls beyond the surf:  boating, shopping, yoga, zip line canopy tours and horseback riding will certainly keep guests busy.

More information can be found by visiting their website. Girls, if you’re looking for the ultimate surfing experience, get stoked…in style with ChicaBrava.

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by: Jason Z. Guest