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Manuel De Los Santos: An Inspiring Dominican

Spanish proverb tells us that from a fallen tree, all make kindling. How relevant, for “Only Believe” is the hardwood conviction gathered from the inspirational story of Manuel De Los Santos. An athlete from The Dominican Republic, his story mutes despair. Here, choice epitomizes courage; persistence supersedes adversity.

In 2003, a tragic motorcycle accident left Manual with loss of his left leg just above the knee. This meant the end of his dream, one that is the desire of so many young Dominican boys – to play professional baseball. But life went on. He married, moved to Paris and found himself in routine. That is, until his wife returned home one night with ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’. Manuel will tell you that the movie changed his life; it charted a new course. He had to try golf. And while even attempting to swing a club with one leg would dismay most, only he was to judiciously determine his ability. With persistence came great success. One move, one push changed his life.

Never give up. Remember this Dominican. Only believe.
by: Jason Z. Guest