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Panamanian Playground: Parque Nacional Soberanía

A picket skyline of high-rise buildings grandly stands upon a Central American isthmus, serving as an iconic gateway into the Pacific. As a World Heritage Site, Panama City centers upon tourism, banking and commerce. It also holds the key to passage through the Republic’s geographic center, an essential prop upon a global stage of international shipping and trade. Time easily spends away in consumption of its many attractions. Immediately behind this fortress, however, presents an immense landscape of lowland tropical rainforest; within it, a playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

Camino de la Plantación Uplands | by: Jason Z. Guest

Welcome to one of Central America’s most easily accessible national parks – Parque Nacional Soberania, touting an amazing 55,000 acres of fertile tierra upon the canal’s eastern watershed. Here, visitor activities include fishing, hiking, birding and photo tourism. The park’s website touts exploration along the El Charco, Camino del Oleoducto and Camino de la Plantación trails and lays claims to a world record for bird appearances with over 525 different species being spotted in one single day. White-faced capuchin monkeys, stealthy coati and alluring blue morpho butterflies represent an exotic cross-section of abundant wildlife. Venture upon any of these trails and you’ll likely encounter canopy-dwelling Howler monkeys and the workaholic laboring of leafcutter ants upon the forest floor.

Should you have a hankering to escape Panama’s concrete jungle, hail a trusted cab for the twenty minute drive just outside of the city and experience an adventure within Panama’s guarded possession – Soberanía National Park.

Camino de la Plantación in Soberanía National Park | by: Jason Z. Guest

Parque Nacional Soberanía website

by: Jason Z. Guest