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Featured Photographer: Greg Davis

Everyone loves an inspiring story. You know, those of success and talent that develop along the backstretch of life. Events and experiences are put into motion. Some call it luck, where preparation and opportunity meet; others believe in divine will and the extraordinary experience of a higher calling in life. When recognized and dealt with appropriately, this person finds their strength—this unidentified purpose—and puts a gift to good use.

Santeria Sass in Cuba | by: Greg Davis

This is the life of Greg Davis, one of National Geographic’s newest Image Collection Photographers. Read the compelling story of how Greg simply walked away from a comfortable day job in technology sales, picked up a $400 camera and cashed in on a one-way ticket around the world. It changed his life. We are here to showcase one of our favoriate images by Greg Davis, that of Santeria Sass upon the streets of Cuba.

Should you happen to be in the Austin area on April 23rd, join in celebration of Greg’s recent signing as a National Geographic Image Collection Photographer and his five years in business. Greg would like to extend a personal invitation to his solo exhibition “Five Years”, from 5pm to 9pm in Austin at the Westend Gallery located at 1611 W. 5th Street, #T2A.

His latest press release regarding this event can be found here

by: Jason Z. Guest

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  • Sue Crawford

    Greg,I am proud of you and what terrific things you are doing. Good luck!!! Sue

  • Sue Crawford

    Greg, I did not think the comment went throught the first so I sent you another one. I see your mom every once in awhile. Take care. Sue

  • Marc Crudgington


    Can I get an invite? Moving to Houston (The Woodlands) on April 9th.