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Budget Boutique Getaway in Nicaragua: Hotel Brio

When a friend of mine who owns one of the coolest coffee shops in Austin needed a quick, several-day getaway, I should have known it would be unique. What I wouldn’t have guessed is that her destination, Hotel Brio, located in Playa Gigante in Southwestern Nicaragua, is actually owned by someone from Austin. This budget, boutique hotel boasts a small number of reasonably priced rooms and easy access to surfing, fishing and snorkeling in spectacular waters. For those who want to combine sun and sea activities with language study, a nearby school, Escuela Bigfoot, offers one-on-one Spanish language instruction. What’s more, the hotel partners with the local community to help foster economic sustainability and environmental preservation. Though somewhat remote, depending on your point of arrival, hotel staff can pick you up from the airport and deliver you to the front door of the hotel for an additional fee. For the budget-minded, eco-adventurer looking for a unique experience, Hotel Brio may be the perfect getaway.

U.S. Phone: 512.535.5386 (call here first for reservations; talk to Rob)
Brio Nica Phone: 011.505.433.9737
Brio Nica VOIP phone: 512-377-9808

by: Laurie Winfield