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Featured Photographer: Federico R. Grosso

Our correspondence began via e-mail – a chance discovery, lead by my stumbling into the time-lapse trance of an aerial Argentine snowboarder. Instantly I perused, tumbling into a trove of animal imagery and foreign places. One study in particular, “burro”, evoked the austerity and loneliness of its character, deep within the arid lands of Payunia, Mendoza.

Burro | © Federico R. Grosso

More was not enough as I marveled over landscapes, products and sports moments, all captured through the lens of Federico R. Grosso. It struck me, the loss of time; like driving for miles along a highway without any recollection of experience. Yes, guilty. My eyes were off the road, captivated, and I think yours will be, too.

© All rights reserved by Federico R. Grosso, Villa La Angostura, Argentina. Also found on Flickr.

by: Jason Z. Guest