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Featured Photographer: Olmo Calvo Rodríguez

Paraguay | photo by: © Olmo Calvo Rodríguez

I call it ‘Hope’ in a frame. It’s a struggle that photographer Olmo Calvo Rodríguez weaves through his imagery of big agribusiness operations; that of landlocked Paraguay and over 2.6 million hectares (6.4 million acres) of planted soy, much of it as genetically modified seed. “In addition to the expulsion of peasants, the products used for fumigation are considered toxic and highly dangerous,” he informs visitors via his Flickr account Olmovich. As part of a photographic cooperative based in Buenos Aires, Olmo joins a team that assembles work for a biweekly local newspaper. Driven by principle, their goal is to produce news, current events and reports that drive awareness, as they have done here for a people whom hope to maintain their lives in this place.

by: Jason Z. Guest