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KEXP’s El Sonido: Latin American Beats from Seattle

KEXP | photo by: © Bjørn Giesenbauer

Atención! Debuting tonight from Seattle: El Sonido, a tenacious grip upon the pipeline of Latin American music. Every Monday, from 6pm – 9pm pst, point your compass towards the north and west (or from whichever direction outside of the continental U.S.) and feel the magnetic pull of KEXP‘s new three hour trip, led by DJ Chilly. While his favorite musical styles are classic soul and blues, funk, punk, reggae and hip-hop, Chilly also really digs Latin music. El Sonido is a must-hear for any Latin American lover; a modern focus of beats, rock, traditional flavors and audible obscurities that are as diverse as the Latin American landscape.

Listen live on Monday evenings.

Many thanks for the head’s up from Centro Y Sur fan Jessica Scott, a Texas transplant upon the Seattle music scene.

by: Jason Z. Guest