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Welcome to Centro Y Sur: Issue No. 1

Click on image to read Centro Y Sur | Latin American Inspiration

Welcome to our very first issue of Centro Y Sur, an interactive travel magazine for the Latin American enthusiast. Born out of the great appreciation of cultures, lifestyles and destinations within and around Central and South America, this monthly venture is the manifestation of sweat equity and equal parts inspiration, collaboration and opportunity. It has been my desire from the beginning to inform, engage and enlighten an audience with stunning photography and adventurous content, so that readers are motivated to experience the inspiring qualities within this beautiful region of the world.

Join us in celebration, here in this inaugural Issue Number 1, as we begin to uncover the destinations, cultures, people, adventures, discoveries, issues, trends, equipment and events that define the travel enthusiast. Participation in Latin America – this is our singular goal.


Jason Guest, Publisher

  • Laura

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading up on all things Latin American. I want to visit Costa Rica and I can’t wait to read about all the great insights your magazine will bring.

  • Teresa Summerlin

    Bravo and congratulations! As a traveler to all but two Central American countries as well as South America’s famed Brazil, I can’t wait to explore and learn more through your magazine.