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Feria de Huamantla: Mexico

Feria de Huamantla

The “Feria de Huamantla” started August 4th and lasts till August 28th. Huamantla is a town of about 32,000 located in the state of Tlaxcala in Mexico. This month-long festival includes shows by important Mexican performers, traditional dances, and a bit of amateur bullfighting. However, the most importantpart of the festival starts on the night of August 14th, which is known as “La Noche que Nadie Duerme”(The Night No One Sleeps) and celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Artists construct colorfuland elaborate carpets of flowers that extend for miles and make way for the precession to the main churchin Huamantla. The people of the city will celebrate on the morning of August 15th for this very important Roman Catholic holiday.

by: Bettie Gonzales