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Casa Gangotena | Quito, Ecuador

Casa Gangotena Library

There is a new address for spirited travelers amid the beauty and history of Old Town Quito, Ecuador: Casa Gangotena. Situated in a newly restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco, the three-story boutique hotel has 31 rooms, each a showcase of eye-catching style, contemporary design, modern technologies and quintessential comforts to impress the most discerning guests.

Casa Gangotena resides in a choice spot on Plaza San Francisco, a cobbled square rich with history stretching back to the Inca. As the Plaza grew in importance in Quito, wealthy families surrounded it with grand homes and the mansion was the residence of several presidents during the late 19th century. Rebuilt in 1926 following a fire, the building was designated a “heritage property” soon after the Ecuadorian capital was nominated as UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site city in 1978. This year, Quito is the Cultural Capital of the Americas.

Casa Gangotena is the perfect base for exploring Quito as well as for short stops on the way to experiencing the wonders of the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific Coast and the Galápagos Islands.

Should the Latin American enthusiast be bent on exploring the “navel of the world,” as Quito translates from Quechua, one will enjoy easy access to an abundance of nearby sights and scenes.