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Lights, Camera, Latin America!

Cinema Tropical has been instrumental in bringing such well known Latin American films as Alfonso Cuarón's " Y Tu Mamá Tambien" to the U.S. Photo by MACSD.

The very first edition of the Cinema Tropical festival is set to take place this weekend, Jan. 21-22 at the state-of-the-art 92YTribeca screening room in downtown Manhattan. The festival is sponsored by New York-based Cinema Tropical, a non-profit media arts organization and the “leading presenter of Latin American cinema in the U.S.”

Over the course of the weekend, the year’s best Latin American films and winners of the Cinema Tropical Awards will be showcased. These productions include Mexican films “Año Bisiesto” (Leap Year) and “El Lugar Más Pequeño” (The Tiniest Place), as well as Peruvian feature “Octubre,” which won the Cinema Tropical award for Best Feature and has been selected to represent Peru in the foreign film category of the upcoming Academy Awards.

Tickets are $12. For more information check out Cinema Tropical and 92YTribeca.

By : Erik Keithley