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Ana Tijoux: An Ascent of Hip Hop Music from Chile

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Ana Tijoux | Photo: Courtesy Nacional Records

In 2010, Latin America witnessed the birth of a bright, new star—one whose music from Chile illuminated the southern skies. Rap artist, MC Ana Tijoux, had surprised the hip-hop industry with her Grammy-winning second solo effort, “1977.” Whether one attributed this success to her casual posture and seductive draw, or an elevated lyrical determination with a call for social justice, many North American music fans took note of her brilliance.

Now back and more dynamic than ever, her debute of ‘La Bala’ comes in at #2 on Billboard Latin Rhythmic based entirely on her first week of digital sales. But don’t worry if you cannot understand a word of Spanish; as you know, good music could care less. Ana Tijoux is an amalgamation of sultry rhythm and machined rhyme; a musical lapidary, whose work is set into the Andean spires of a daring backbone, just as strong as her Chilean heritage.

By: Jason Z. Guest