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Uruguay Hosts International Tango Festival

When many people hear the words “tango festival,” they probably think of ladies with red lipstick twirling gracefully through the streets of Buenos Aires. After all, Buenos Aires has become so synonymous with the seductive dance that many people forget the tango actually originated in the Río de la Plata, an area between Argentina and Uruguay.

This past weekend, however, Uruguay took back some of the spotlight with the first edition of “Tango en Punta,” an international tango festival in Punta del Este. The festival, which was started by professional dancer Andrea Seewald and opera singer Matias Haber, featured eight other professional couples (bailarines) to run workshops and teach classes.

Highlights of the tango festival included sunset dancing on the beach and special classes for people with Down syndrome in cooperation with the “Asociación Down del Uruguay.”

This year’s edition ran from Feb. 24 – Feb. 26. Check out their website and stay tuned for next year’s edition!