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Chilean Indie Sensation, Astro, Debuting In U.S.

Chilean Band Astro | Photo by: Nacional Records

There’s a Chilean indie sensation carving roots in the world of music, and now they’re trenching a path into marketing campaigns and the gaming world, too. So, if you’re toying with EA Sports’ upcoming FIFA 13 soccer video game, listen for “Panda,” a sensationally trippy song that’s sure to convert playtime into Astro audience development. They are also expected as part of a new Bloomingdales campaign this year.

And on September 4th, Astro will release their self-titled U.S. debut albumn. Astro has earned comparisons to MGMT and Chrystal Castles, while the band cites Deerhunter and Yeasayer as influences.

Lovely, melodic, reverbed falsetto, epic/dreamlike synth effects and real rock ‘n’ roll drumming.” MTV IGGY

Designers of one of the most universally beloved indie hits to come out of South America in years (“Maestro Distorsión”), Astro is also the protagonist of one of the most divisive young careers in our Iberoamerican pop landscape.” Club Fonograma

Be sure to check out their new music video, Ciervos, sampling the playfully surreal vibe that was said to have secured many 2012 SXSW converts.