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Customized, Luxury Travel to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Peru

Photo By: Artisans of Leisure

Recently we came across Artisans of Leisure, a luxury travel company specializing in exlucsive, customized tours around the world. They are well-known for their Ecuador & the Galapagos tours, which feature the very best Galapagos cruises. Silversea has announced that they will begin operating weekly cruises in the archipelago next year. Keep an eye out for their new tours that will include the Silversea boat, or contact them for more information.

Artisans of Lesisure highly recommends combining their Galapagos cruises with Machu Picchu in nearby Peru, as found in their Best of Peru & the Galapagos tour, or with extraordinary destinations in mainland Ecuador, such as the Amazon basin and the Avenue of the Volcanoes.