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Sibling Rivalry: Volcanos Over Argentina & Chile

Argentinian photographer Federico R. Grosso captures a beautiful aerial perspective.

Sibling Rivalry | Photograph By: Federico Grosso | Camera: Canon 40D


CYS: What does this image — Sibling Rivalry — represent to you?
FG: It reminds me how small we are. When you see the magnificence of nature, represented here by the Argentinian/Chilean Lanin Volcano and the Chilean Villarrica Volcano, you understand a little how it all works; you realize that we are all just a glimpse.

CYS: How much timing and planning went into this photograph of volcanos over Argentina and Chile?
FG: I really didn’t have much time to take this shot. At the time my job was to photograph a lodge from a little airplane. As we approached the volcanoes, I saw the smoke coming out of the Villarrica Volcano. I couldn’t resist the urge to deviate my attention from the lodge and capture that magical moment.

CYS: Volcanoes hold a special meaning with you, having recently impacted your hometown of Villa La Angostura, Argentina. Do you care to elaborate for our audience?
FG: Sure. A little more than eight months after the eruption of the Puyehue-Cordón del Caulle Volcano, Angostura’s nature is back. The greens have come through the sand and ashes. We have blooming flowers everywhere, but the bad part is that just a few people outside of Angostura know this. So we are having little tourism and our economy is in danger. Angostura depends on the tourism industry, and today most of the hotels in the area have a very low occupation rate—and we are in high season! The good in all of this, for me personally, is that this is the first summer where we can explore our surroundings uninhibited; we almost own the place because there is no one else here.