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A Special Story, A Special Offer: Pelican Eyes of Nicaragua

Surround yourself with natural splendor, true Nicaraguan charm, and Central American culture and history.

Along a narrow strip of land, separating Lake Nicaragua from the Pacific Ocean, lies the surfing hot-spot of San Juan del Sur. It’s quite common here to watch the pelicans fly, dive and gracefully fish their next meal. Yet occasionally they can snare themselves in fishing lure.

It was by such accident that a certain proprietor untangled one of these seafaring friends, only to feel a strong connection while staring into the animal’s eyes. By such deep admiration, he renamed his sailboat Pelican Eyes, thus the genesis of a sailing charter business which grew into Pelican Eyes Resort & Hotel. Framed upon a gorgeous hillside location with panoramic views, this retreat is yours to discover, and we are here today to share with you a few of their packaged travel opportunities. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable adventure within this premier Nicaraguan resort.

An Adventure Built for Two:
(All-inclusive, Sailing Trip, Surf Lessons and More)
2-pax $2,999 USD

A Romantic Escape
(Breakfast, Romantic Dinner, Sailing Trip, Spa and more)
2-pax $1,999 USD

The Family Adventure Trip
(Breakfast, Granada Trip, Mombacho Volcano Tour and more)
Family of Four-pax $3,799 USD

You can reserve now by calling 310-776-9364 ext 852 or e-mail at