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High On Adventure In the World’s Driest Desert: New “High Mountain Expeditions” From Explora

Scale to the summit of Licancabur volcano in the Atacama and return to tell about it on the latest special offering for adventurous travelers

High On Adventure © explora

Ready to get high and dry? With an eye toward satisfying demand for authentic adventure in the remotest regions of South America, the always-innovative adventure travel company explora has launched a new program of High Mountain Expeditions that will see travelers topping the high peaks of the Andes in an Atacama Desert adventure.

Suited to mountaineering enthusiasts or anyone up for a true test of endurance, High Mountain Expeditions launch with an optional shot at summit of Licancabur volcano, a sacred mountain of the Atacameño who inhabit the Andean portion of the world’s driest desert. With its crater situated at 19,423 feet, Licancabur is not for everyone. But for those travelers ready to give it a go, it’s a challenge not to be missed.

The High Mountain Expedition will keep travelers on the move for six to eight days, with two days of mandatory acclimatization in San Pedro de Atacama and its surroundings – the better to prevent or at least lessen the effects of altitude. The Once underway, travelers will be led on ascents over 14,700 feet accompanied by specialized guides from explora who know their way around – as well as up and down. Those wishing to hit the heights of Licancabur will have to cross into Bolivia first and sleep at base camp to reach the summit the next morning. In other words: There is even more optional adventure and desolate beauty to be experienced on the way to the top.

Regardless of how high travelers go – which is optional for this new expedition – there is special equipment required from headlamp to waterproof trekking shoes and several layers of clothing for warmth. There are special considerations offered as well, including 2 nights at Hotel de Larache in San Pedro, the base of operations for explora Atacama, before departure and upon return. The lodge is the launching point for a wide range of activities from soaking in the Puritama Hotsprings to bicycling to Laguna Cejar.

High Mountain Expeditions are the latest special interest offering from explora, which has launched Horseback Riding and Photographic Expeditions over the past 2 years. South America is a big place, so look forward to more to come. Meantime – see you at the top!

High Mountain Expeditions in the Atacama Desert start at $3,350 per person.
For reservations and more information, please contact explora in the U.S. at 866-750-6699 or visit

About explora
explora is not so much a hotel group as a travel experience. Founded in 1989, it is an enterprise whose principal aim is to encourage a new attitude towards travel for those who have a passion for discovering new places and new people, in remote and relatively unexplored regions of the southern tip of South America. For twenty years, explora has enhanced the travel experience within South America; firstly, at explora Patagonia in the Torres del Paine National Park, then at explora Atacama in an oasis in the heart of the Atacama desert and most recently at explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island. Travesias explora inspired by the ancient ideal of the “journey” and the freedom of discovery it affords, offers more awe-inspiring expeditions that are an indispensable complement to a journey to South America.