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Tierra Hotels Invite Photographers to Experience “Puma Photo Safari”, Six Day Adventure in Chilean Patagonia in Fall 2013

Chile’s Leading Experts are Brought Together to Guide a Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience to Photograph South America’s Big Five

Photo © Tierra Patagonia

A unique opportunity for photographers to experience wildlife up close with camera-in-hand surrounded by stunning Chilean Patagonian scenery launches at Tierra Patagonia, who have created a unique five-day puma photography safari for Fall 2013.

The photography adventure is led by renowned Chilean wildlife photographer Pia Vergara, a Patagonian flora and fauna expert, who has published several books on photography featuring the animals and landscapes of this vibrant area. Tierra Hotels has brought together a team of puma trackers led by wildlife photographer and marine biologist Rodrigo Moraga Zúñiga and veterinarian Cristina Trugeda Harboe, a professional trekking and horseback riding guide, and nature photographer. The trackers are searching for the evasive puma to help get “that shot” of the South American big cat.

The five-day photography expedition features an itinerary traveling to spectacular sites and landscapes of the Torres del Paine national park. Sites including Laguna Amarga, Cañadon Macho and Laguna Azul, with its breathtaking views of the clear blue water, are just some of the locations where the perfect shot can be taken with the help of the expert guides.

Featuring the majesty and biodiversity of Torres del Paine National Park, the puma photo safari endeavors to help photography enthusiasts achieve not only spectacular landscape shots but also capture the South American ‘Big Five’ in their natural habitat. Like its African must-see counterpart, the South American Big Five include guanacos, a camelid native to the Andes; huemules, South American native deer; the condor, one of the world’s largest flying birds; native foxes and, of course, the elusive puma.