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Tierra Del Fuego, Chile: Famous Fishing Region Offers Adventure At the End of the World

Famous Fishing Region Exhibiting at International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) in Las Vegas, July 10-12

© Estancia Cameron Lodge

Fishermen travel from far and wide, almost to the end of the earth, to experience some of the best the sport has to offer in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonian Chile. Meaning “Land of Fire,” the destination was named by Ferdinand Magellan in honor of the fires lit by the ancient Selk-nam Indians for survival. This region is the largest island in South America and is well known for its adventure, wildlife and world class fishing, all while surrounded by pristine landscapes. Welcome to this famous fishing region of the world.

© Lodge Deseado

This region’s biggest claim to fame is it’s fly-fishing because it has some of the largest sea trout to be caught across the globe and a number of other species in abundance such as Brown Trout (or Farios), Rainbow, Sea Run Brook and Steelhead. Considered the best river in the world in its category for Sea Run Brown Trout Fishing, Río Grande is the must-see of this area with trout weighing upwards of 30 pounds. Río Cóndor, Río Paralelo, Río Azopardo, Río Side as well as Deseado Lake, Lake Fagnano and Blanco Lake offer other opportunities for fishing.

Beyond fishing, Tierra del Fuego gives bird and animal lovers a chance to see them up-close in their natural environment. On land, travelers can get a peek at King Penguins, condors, black browed albatross, red foxes and guanacos (similar to a llama) as well as sea lions, elephant seals and leopard seals by sea.

How to book a trip
The region has several ground and tour operators to choose from to help book your adventure and activities including the following local companies:
Agencia de Viajes Dap Antartica
Expedición Fitz Roy
Far South Expeditions
Magallanes Fly Fishing
Ruta Fueguina Tour Operator
Solo Expediciones
Turismo Comapa
Turismo Yamana

Where to stay
Estancia Cameron Lodge
This six double bedroom lodge offers private bathrooms and a cozy solitude after a long day of fishing with its living and dining room area complete with a fireplace. The daily menu is based on local products featuring traditional Chilean dishes. The lodge is open November through April with rates starting at $4,500 per person for a seven night stay. For more information, visit

Lodge Deseado
The Lago Deseado is located near a spectacular spot for some of the best fishing in the world and offers four cabins accommodating three people in each – all equipped with central heating and drinkable water. For more information, visit

Regional representatives from Tierra del Fuego are exhibiting at the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) in Las Vegas from July 10-12 and encourage visitors to stop by Booth #5258. Interviews can be set-up during the show with Farlane Christie, from the National Tourism Board of Chile who works on the Tierra del Fuego program, as well as Rafael González, the fly-fishing guide and operator expert from Tierra del Fuego. Photos are available upon request.

For more information on the Tierra del Fuego region, please visit