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The Rise of Argentine Malbec

Boom Varietal

The buzz among wine connoisseurs and novices alike, is one word – Malbec. Argentine Malbec. Originally from France, Malbec found its perfect home, its perfect terroir in the dry Argentine climate. Its booming popularity has swept through the US and the world, reviving a varietal that has been nearly lost. Documenting how an inexpensive blend originally only intended for local demand rising to become an international star, Boom Varietal interviews winemakers spearheading the rise of Malbec, wine connoisseurs, as well as foreign investors hoping to profit from the boom. Boom Varietal will inspire not only your palate, but a love for Argentina’s rich culture.

• Winner! Gold Kahnua Award, Honolulu Film Festival
• Silver Ace Award, Las Vegas Film Festival
• Bronze Palm Award, Mexico International Film Festival

“A great documentary…the film is excellent and truly portrays the passion and struggles behind the great Malbec wines we do enjoy here in North America.” – Mano a Vino

“The film captivated me, drawing me into the world of Malbec and the people and places associated with it.” – WineEconomist

Packaged in a 100% Certified Green Forestry Practices Eco Pack

72 minutes, documentary, color, English & Spanish w/English subtitles, 2011

A film by Sky Pinnick & Kirk Ermisch


  • John Horner

    I love this film. It shows Mendoza at its best. Must see.