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PINTA NY – The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show Announces 2013 Exhibitors and Curated Sections

Introducing an exclusive and intimate international art fair of select exhibitors presenting the best Modern and Contemporary art from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

Marcos Castro, (1981 Mexico), Sin título (2012)

PINTA NY is pleased to announce the 2013 exhibitors and curated sections for the seventh edition of the Latin American art fair. One week before PINTA NY 2013 opens to the public, visitors from around the globe had an opportunity to preview the fair on, the official online partner for this year’s fair. The fair coverage on Artsy launched on November 7th, serving as a dedicated online resource for visitors to browse artists, works, and exhibitors, explore editorial coverage, view fair highlights selected by art world insiders, and inquire about artworks remotely. Coinciding with the Latin American and Contemporary Art auctions in New York City, PINTA NY will take place this Thursday, November 14 – Sunday, November 17, 2013 at its new location at 82MERCER.

PINTA NY 2013 will present 60 Exhibitors, from 20 countries showcasing over 160 Modern and Contemporary artists from Central and South America, The Caribbean, and Europe. Fairgoers will have the opportunity to view works by internationally recognized artists spread over two floors at the historic 82MERCER building in SoHo. The interior’s original, 19th century details, including brick archways, cast iron columns, and 14-foot ceilings, will receive an ephemeral interior layout design by two-time PINTA NY architect, Warren James.

For 2013, PINTA NY presents a curatorial format with four new platforms and a team of internationally recognized curators. The curated platforms include: EMERGE, curated by Jose Roca (Bogota/London); VIDEO, curated by Octavio Zaya (New York/Boston/Leon); CENTRO, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud (New York/Miami); and NEXT, a joint project of PINTA’s full curatorial committee. Exhibitors for the Modern section of GALLERIES were selected by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (Los Angeles) and exhibitors for the Contemporary section were chosen by Ian Cofre (New York).

Platforms and Exhibitors

PINTA GALLERIES, divides into Modern and Contemporary sections, and sets the overall program and vision for this innovative seventh edition. For PINTA MODERN, Cecilia Fajardo-Hill states:

This section reflects the expansion of a more diversified modern field in the areas of Abstraction, not only Geometric, but Conceptual and Informal. It will introduce works by artists that are fresh to the art market and a larger number of women artists, this way playing a key role both in the expansion of the Latin American art market, and in the fostering of the collections of the future.


The Contemporary section is comprised of galleries committed to promoting Latin American art abroad, making them the nexus for interpreting the other elements of this year’s project.

Marie Orensanz / Artemisa Absimthum / 1977 Fleurs Series

MODERN Exhibitors:
Alejandra von Hartz, Miami, USA | Cecilia de Torres, New York, USA | D21 Proyectos de Arte, Santiago, Chile | Document Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina |Espace Meyer Zafra, Paris, France | Henrique Faria Fine Art, New York, USA | Il Chiostro Arte Contemporaneo / Enlace Arte Contemporaneo, Saronno, Italy/Lima, Peru | Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile | KaBe Contemporary, Miami, USA | Mercantil Arte y Cultura A.C., Caracas, Venezuela | Museo Gurvich, Montevideo, Uruguay | Nueveochenta, Bogota, Colombia | Sammer Gallery, Miami, USA

The Americas Collection, Miami, USA | Artespacio, Santiago, Chile | ArtexArte, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Dot Fiftyone, Miami, USA | Galeria Alfredo Ginocchio, Mexico DF, Mexico | Galeria Forum, Lima, Peru | Galeria La Caja Negra, Madrid, Spain | GE Galeria, Monterrey, Mexico | Ideobox, Miami, USA | Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, USA | Pan American Art Projects, Miami, USA | Salon 94, New York, USA | Walter Otero Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico | Y Gallery, New York, USA

PINTA EMERGE presents eight emerging artists whose solo presentations will give the audience an in-depth look into their current work and practices. This year’s theme is Modern Ruin, which Curator Jose Roca’s elaborates as:

Ruins used to be a remote past and were evoked with nostalgia. But nowadays ancient ruins coexist with those of Modernity, a recent era that has already produced its own heap of rubble: traces of possibilities that never made it past their potentialities. The Modern project left us the ruins of political models that, defeated, become part of the sedimentary layers of History. The projects presented here reflect on the spoils of our most recent past.

EMERGE Exhibitors:
Raura Oblitas, 80m2, Lima, Peru | Nicola Lopez, Arroniz arte contemporaneo, Mexico, DF | Ricardo Alcaide, Baro Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brasil | Manuela Ribadeneira, Casa Triangulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil | Felipe Cortés, Espacio Minimo, Spain, Madrid | Paula de Solminihac, Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile | Kevin Simon Mancera, Nueveochenta, Bogota, Colombia | José Carlos Martinat, Revolver, Lima, Peru

PINTA VIDEO presents a selection of new video art. Curator Octavio Zaya states:

While experiencing and thinking on the works selected for this presentation–the first of its kind at PINTA New York—there is this ongoing feeling that we are living within the irreducible matrix of a multiplicity of times. These works, as thoughts, might be experienced as a break, a pause, or an interruption in the order of time, which, in turn, brings fracture into thinking. Thoughts of fractures / fractured thoughts, against time.

VIDEO Exhibitors:
Carlos Aires, ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Spain | Dani Marti, Breenspace, Sydney, Australia | Jose Luis Martinat, Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima, Peru | Zoe T. Vizcaino, Galería Moriarty, Madrid, Spain | Richard Garet, Julian Navarro Projects, Long Island City, USA | Lucia Pizzani, Oficina #1, Caracas, Venezuela |Carlos Motta, Y Gallery, New York, USA

PINTA NEXT, features young and emerging galleries that have been open under five years:

Blanca Berlin Galeria, Madrid, Spain | Carmen Araujo Arte, Caracas, Venezuela |Carmen Sandiego Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina | CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA | Document Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina | La Galeria – Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia | Nube Gallery, Santa Cruz, Bolivia | Rea One Day Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico |Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile | XS Galeria, Santiago, Chile | Yael Rosenblut, Santiago, Chile

PINTA CENTRO, is a regional, curated project concentrating on Central America. Curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud explains the project’s focus:

Curating the Central American section for Pinta New York has provided me an excellent opportunity to look at a region of the world that has been neglected by the international art community for far too long. I have found a core group of galleries that are deeply committed to exhibiting the work of Central American artists who focus on the region’s unique social and political history.

CENTRO Exhibitors:
Diablo Rosso, Panama City, Panama | Espacio 9.99, Guatemala City, Guatemala |EspIRA / La Espora, Managua, Nicaragua | Fugalternativa Espacio Contemporaneo, San Salvador, El Salvador

Returning to the fair is PINTA FORUM, the public program and lecture series coordinated by writer Miguel Lopez (Lima) and curator Gabriela Rangel (New York).

With the support of Fundacion PROA, PINTA EDITIONS is a newly introduced section devoted to the promotion of contemporary art publications and will feature Latin American foundations committed to the contemporary visual and audiovisual arts. All of the institutions that have been invited to participate are recognized for the rich culture of their countries of origin, which they will represent by exhibiting recent editions and publications about the visual arts produced in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Participating institutions, among others, include:

Americas Society, USA
Blanton Museum, USA
Fundacion Cisneros, USA
Fundacion Banamex, Mexico
Fundacion Mercantil, Venezuela
Museo MALBA, Argentina
Museo Mali, Peru

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PINTA NY Exhibition Dates and Times:

Thursday, November 14: 6pm – 9pm: By invitation only
Friday, November 15: 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 16: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday, November 17: 12pm – 7pm

82 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10012