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Quito, Ecuador’s New App!

Quito, Ecuador Engages Travelers and Visitors with Its New App, Available In iTunes and Google Play

Quito, Ecuador's App

The recently launched tourism guide of Quito, which is available for Smart Phones and Tablets, allows visitors to explore and to get to know the attractions of this great city that touches the sky.  One can get information about shopping, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias, entertainment places, transport, events calendar, health and security venues, hotels. Everything about Quito in only a few clicks!

The map of this travel guide shows the attractions in different parts of the city and locates those that are closest to lodging sites. In addition, the currency converter with updated exchange rate is a useful tool for the travel budget. Many features of this guide do not need internet connection and can be used without problems while touring the city.

For travelers who decide to have time on their own, this travel guide has an option to create itineraries automatically. In the travel guide, one can set up personal preferences and it will then immediately generate an optimized itinerary that can be modified later. You can also load a previously saved itinerary online, or plan a route and manually choose each visit in Quito.

The travel journal allows you to share your experiences in Quito with family and friends. Pictures can be taken at the time of the journey and added to the journal, or they can be loaded from an images gallery.

This is an innovative technological tool that replaces paper. Thus, the use of the travel journal contributes towards preserving the environment.

Story courtesy of: The Quito Tourism Board