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Editorial Submissions


Centro Y Sur does accept freelance queries for inclusion in the magazine. Please send only well-developed proposals that have been crafted especially for the Centro Y Sur audience. Your pitch should not be a wish list of places you’d like to go and possibly write about, but rather a carefully considered proposal that combines support for covering a particular destination along with a hook and reason for inclusion. Your query should include a headline option that lets us know what the story will be about, a deck that expands on that, a strong lead, and a few paragraphs that set out the premise and approach of the article. Please review our editorial calendar to see the types of stories we’ll be including in future months. Should your story pitch not fall into any of those categories, please still feel free to send a query, as we are always looking for new and engaging content for our readers.

Please submit your query via email to Please also send along your credentials and relevant published clips. We review all submissions and will be in contact with you to let you know if we are interested.


We place no limit on the style of writing, as long as it is engaging, interesting and lively. We look for writing that captures a sense of discovery and curiosity — a voice that captures the true essence of travel, from the tastes and smells of a city, to the idiosyncrasies and personalities of the destination’s inhabitants. Our writers must view destinations with fresh eyes and a sense of wonder. Through compelling anecdotes, a colorful cast of characters and detailed descriptions, your article should evoke a frisson of excitement and expectation within CYS readers. The story should be layered, evocative of place, and should awaken the soul of the experiential traveler within us all.


The average length of Centro Y Sur feature stories ranges from 800 to 1,200 words, depending on the subject and article format. Department stories typically run anywhere from 100 to 300 words.


If you are a photographer and would like to have your work featured in CYS, please send low-resolution digital images and a link to your work via email to