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Adventure With Heart

By Megan Zagger

Project Helping Hands, a not-for-profit organization that serves Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Honduras, as well as African and Asian nations, proudly takes philanthropy into an adventurous realm. Teams of volunteers, all of whom have raised the money to fund their trips, travel by jeep, canoe and foot to serve some of the most remote areas of Latin America and the world. With a focus on preventative health education, medical and non-medical volunteers provide treatment to patients in need and teach good health practices, hoping to create self-sufficient communities. Project Helping Hands caters to the adventurer by offering cultural immersion in areas that are oftentimes either hard to reach or don’t have electricity or running water. To date, Project Helping Hands has sent more than 650 adventurous volunteers on two-week mission trips, treating and educating more than 50,000 patients. Previously a small organization, Project Helping Hands has grown tremendously, as more and more generous volunteers apply for mission trips to places such as Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats or the Amazon lowlands. Applications and donation opportunities can be found online. Project Helping Hands truly offers adventure with heart.

Photo by Juan Manuel Garcia