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Foodie Central

By Jennifer Segelke

Suckling pig brains might not top your list of must-try meals, but at Central Restaurant in Lima, Peru, Chef Virgilio Martinez is looking to change your mind. After cooking the entire pig’s head, Martinez extracts the fingertip-sized brain and covers it in thin slices of pancetta. It is then garnished with dale dale (a sweet potato-like tuber found in the Peruvian Amazon) foam and a palm heart salad. A well-known delicacy in Peru, it’s certainly worth a try. So is the rest of the exciting menu at this increasingly impressive eatery. Central Restaurant boasts a second floor orchard, where edible flowers, leafy greens and aromatic herbs are grown organically, an “inside the kitchen” dining table and a chef’s studio, where Martinez develops and experiments with his unique creations. Central Restaurant, Calle Santa Isabel 376; 511-242-8575.

Photo by Giselle Benavides