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Glamping Through South America

By Lisa Marie Mercer

Glamping is an idea whose time came, went and returned. The concept of luxurious camping began during the Victorian era, when the travel writings of literary celebrities inspired wanderlust in wealthy Europeans and Americans. Unwilling to subject themselves to crude pop-up tents and sleeping bags, they stayed in canvas tents bedecked with elevated platforms, comfortable beds and an attentive service staff.

Today, South American glamping breathes new life into the glamorous camping experience, with semi-rustic lodging that features beds with linens, private bathrooms and gourmet meals. So if you wish to stray from the beaten path while still enjoying some basic luxuries, this glamorous camping alternative might be right for you.

EcoCamp patagonia: This glamping haven sits in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, an eye-catching collection of dome-shaped yurts inspired by the nomadic lifestyles of the native Kawésqar people. These guest houses have ceiling windows that let in natural sunlight and enable views of the starlit skies at night. Wooden walkways, which lead to the lounge and dining area, connect the camp’s many yurts. EcoCamp’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if you decide to take a kayaking, hiking or horseback-riding day trip, you can prepare your own box lunch. if eco-friendly travel is a priority for you, this is the place to be: EcoCamp Patagonia is the first hospitality company in Chile to receive the prestigious ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate.

Galapagos Safari Camp: Fifty islands of volcanic origin comprise the Galápagos archipelago, located 800 kilometers west of Ecuador’s coastline. Inspired by the African safari tradition, which features canvas tents on raised platforms, Galapagos Safari Camp offers travelers an enticing way to experience this inspiring region. Indulge in scuba diving and local hikes, or splurge on multi- day land and cruise safaris that leave from the camp. If you stay at Galapagos Safari Camp, you will enjoy the company of doves, owls and an extensive variety of exotic creatures.

Pueblo Barrancas: Uruguay has a secret. Its name is La Pedrera, and it’s home to some of the best surfing in South America. this laid-back section of Uruguay attracts the laid-back camping and hostel crowd, but those wanting a dose of luxury with a back-to-nature experience will find it at pueblo Barrancas. This glamping venue offers a choice of military tents or yurts, some of which include bunk beds. Whale watching, surfing, kitesurfing and bird watching are among the many activities at Pueblo Barrancas.

Photo by Ecocamp Patagonia

  • robert jaye

    We were at Pueblo Barrancas in March of this year; the location, food and laid back atmosphere was fantastic. Please experience all the activities yourself.

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