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Tequila Sunset

Lisa Loverro, Centro Y Sur’s intrepid travel guru, indulges in Mexico’s favorite libation.

While traveling, I’ve had my fair share of luxurious experiences. There was the first-class cabin on Emirates Airlines (complete with onboard shower) and the over-the-top tented Safari lodge in South Africa. But when it comes to restaurants and bars, there are so many fine dining options and swanky lounges out there, I now find it difficult for one to really “wow” me … Until now. I’ve finally discovered a unique lounge/restaurant at the rosewood Mayakobá resort on the Riviera Maya that puts other tequila bars to shame. The agave azul raw Bar & tequila library is most certainly like no other tequila bar I have come across. This just might be the “Margaritaville” I have long been searching for, the Shangri-la of “Mexican firewater.” As I peruse the 96 different tequila labels housed in this mouthwatering “library” of sorts, I am overwhelmed and captivated by not only the extensive premium brands, but also by the unique displays in which they are showcased. Endless shelves of premium tequilas in beautifully crafted bottles … I am in heaven. Even though the Agave Azul serves fresh ceviches, homemade guacamole and a wide selection of Mexican antojitos (tapas) plates, my plan is to stay for one cocktail and then have dinner at Casa del Lago, Rosewood’s fine dining restaurant. But once I’m seated at a comfortable table, indulging in my perfect view of the vast, Mexican starlit sky and glistening resort pool, the old saying “best-laid plans” kicks into full swing. the next thing I know, I’m sampling, sipping and shooting back blancos, reposados and añejos, finishing off the night with a chilled tequila liqueur. I hate to admit it, but I never did make it to my planned dinner.

Photo courtesy Rosewood Myakoba Resort