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The Ultimate in Stargazing

By Megan Zagger

Whether you are a recreational stargazer or a seasoned pro, the celestial views in Chile’s Atacama Desert are sure to amaze you. Boasting near-perfect visibility, this extremely dry desert is considered one of the best stargazing locations in the world. Observe distant planets and galaxies as you spend the night under the stars with QuasarChile’s In-Depth Atacama Adventures: Land and Sky tour. Astronomers from local observatories guide exploration of the skies of San Pedro at night, providing access to amateur astronomy equipment. During the day, enjoy excursions to sites such as the lagoons of the Atacama Salt Flat, the Salt Mountains and the Tatio Geysers. If camping isn’t for you, opt for the alternative tour, which offers seven nights of comfortable hotel lodging. Visit QuasarChile for pricing and booking information.