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Urban Movement

By Bettie Gonzales

Are you a parkour aficionado, or still not sure what the craze is all about? Well, no worries. Urban Runners, a parkour group based in Mexico City, offers classes to all those interested in becoming a part of this ever-growing movement. Parkour is the art of using your strength and agility—think running, jumping, rolling, vaulting and climbing—to get through obstacles found in the (typically urban) environment … as in jumping from one two-story building to another. Urban Runners started back in 2005 and offers classes on a weekly basis. Classes take place in park settings and cost about $8 per month. Sure, the shortest path between two points might be a straight line, but it’s certainly not the most creative. Next time you’re in Mexico City, sign up for some classes, and you’ll be doing back flips off walls in no time.

Photo by J.B. London