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Quito, Ecuador’s New App!

December 2nd, 2013

Quito, Ecuador Engages Travelers and Visitors with Its New App, Available In iTunes and Google Play

Quito, Ecuador's App

The recently launched tourism guide of Quito, which is available for Smart Phones and Tablets, allows visitors to explore and to get to know the attractions of this great city that touches the sky.  One can get information about shopping, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias, entertainment places, transport, events calendar, health and security venues, hotels. Everything about Quito in only a few clicks!

The map of this travel guide shows the attractions in different parts of the city and locates those that are closest to lodging sites. In addition, the currency converter with updated exchange rate is a useful tool for the travel budget. Many features of this guide do not need internet connection and can be used without problems while touring the city.

For travelers who decide to have time on their own, this travel guide has an option to create itineraries automatically. In the travel guide, one can set up personal preferences and it will then immediately generate an optimized itinerary that can be modified later. You can also load a previously saved itinerary online, or plan a route and manually choose each visit in Quito.

The travel journal allows you to share your experiences in Quito with family and friends. Pictures can be taken at the time of the journey and added to the journal, or they can be loaded from an images gallery.

This is an innovative technological tool that replaces paper. Thus, the use of the travel journal contributes towards preserving the environment.

Story courtesy of: The Quito Tourism Board

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Unsolved Mysteries Spark New Film and Tour in Galapagos

December 2nd, 2013

Ecuador’s Tropic Journeys in Nature Issues Invitation to Help Solve Floreana Murder Mystery Now on Film

Galapagos Movie

Ecuador’s award-winning ecotourism company,Tropic Journeys in Nature, since 1994 has led tours through the country’s most engaging landscapes. Now it’s focusing attention on a soon-to-be-released (spring 2014) documentary film, “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden,” and invites guests to become Floreana Island’s on-site sleuths.

Says The Hollywood Reporter, “A bizarre real-life drama of the 1930s is well told in this resourceful documentary.” See:

Vintage film footage, old letters and interviews help weave the still-unsolved mystery dating to the 1930s when nine travelers, among them Galapagos pioneers including a contingent of German and Austrian eccentrics, intersected on a volcanic island known then and now as Floreana. Some survived; others mysteriously disappeared.

Voice-overs by Cate Blanchette and Diane Kruger, among others, help tell the story. It is strangely appropriate that the film release will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Charles Darwin Research Center that tells best of all how and why some species survive and others don’t.

Locals on Floreana and some family and acquaintances of the original nine are engaged to tell their personal stories.

This is a Zeitgeist Films release produced by Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine and Celeste Schaefer Snyder.

Panorama and Lava Lodge

Coincidentally today’s travelers who want to dip into this local lore can visit Floreana Lave Lodge that is operated by Ecuador’s award-winning tour company, Tropic Journeys in Nature This is a no-frills lodge with comfortably appointed eco accommodations and where three meals daily are included. Guests explore Floreana with naturalist guides who are well versed in the historical nuances of what elements of the mystery took place where. This includes passing by the site of where the island’s first permanent inhabitant, the eccentric Dr. Ritter, lived and is buried. Arriving in 1926, this German physician believed that with a combination of exercise and the right vegetarian diet he would live to be 150 years old. He didn’t, but his story is one of the many strange episodes that still abound on this remote island.
















Floreana Lava Lodge is owned by a member of the Cruz family, one of the Floreana’s oldest and who have their own family memories surrounding the mystery. A two-night experience here, from $875 per person double, including two nights lodging, all meals, touring and transportation (excluding air), represents an emerging way of venturing into unknown places. It’s a good example of a new trend in tourism called “slow travel.”

About Tropic Journeys in Nature
Established in 1994, Tropic is an award–winning ecotourism company specializing in responsible, community-based tourism in Ecuador. Programs combine life-changing, active-but-cultural ecotourism experiences focusing on nature, conservation, diversity and sustainability in three distinct areas:

For information and reservations contact Tropic Ecological Adventures LLC. / US Phone: 1.888.207.8615 / Website: or try us at Centro Y Sur Reservations.

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Yemaya: The First Eco-Luxury Boutique Resort of Corn Island, Nicaragua

December 2nd, 2013

The allure of two tiny Caribbean islands, with their white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and clear turquoise waters is no longer a secret.


Yemaya Cabanas of Corn Island, Nicaragua | Photo by: Yemaya Cabanas

50 miles east off the east coast of Nicaragua, the Corn Islands have been only a blip on the tourism map, thanks to their remoteness and lack of infrastructure. But the allure of these two tiny Caribbean islands, with their white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and clear turquoise waters is no longer a secret. Visitors have begun spreading the word about the pristine beauty and tranquility of Big Corn and Little Corn Islands, and on November 1, 2014, Yemaya Resort & Spa opened on Little Corn Island, offering a new hotel option for visitors.

“Until now, Little Corn Island was a well-kept secret among backpackers looking to get off the beaten path to beautiful places with simple, rustic and budget accommodations,” said Garry Lesesne, US expat and Yemaya builder. “With Yemaya, the island can cater to yoga retreats and soft-adventure travellers searching for unique back to nature experiences, but with comfort and services at a higher standard.”

Yemaya is located on the tranquil northern tip of Little Corn Island, straddled by two gorgeous white sand beaches. Step out from your luxury cabana into the water and you are swimming in a natural aquarium teeming with life and color. Take a kayak out for an hour or two exploring the reefs, go beach combing for shells and driftwood, or simply lay back in a hammock and count all the different shades of blue you can see between the beach and the horizon. There just aren’t many places left untouched and pristine, and Yemaya is one of them.

Yemaya is a perfect place for yoga retreats with ten booked before the property even opened. “We are finding that yoga teachers are looking for places that are tranquil, surrounded by natural beauty, and able to meet their specific menu and services requirements” say Michael and Julia Bitton, husband and wife managers of Yemaya. The resort’s 16 cabanas can sleep 4 people comfortably. All are on the oceanfront with sweeping views of the sea. The cuisine is based on what is fished from the sea and picked from Yemaya’s organic garden. It will be a fusion cuisine with hints of island cooking, Thai and vegetarian.

Little Corn Island is less than 3 square km in size, with 800 permanent residents. You can walk from Yemaya all the way to the sound end of the island in one hour on the beaches. The island culture is a Creole mix of African, from the days of pirates and slavery, Spanish and coastal indigenous people. The language, the food, the music are all unique to the Corn Islands. Little Corn Island’s elders do not permit anything motorized on the island, so transport is by foot, bicycle or horse.

Rates at Yemaya are $300 for two people in a cabana per night, including Continental breakfast with fresh fruit, homemade granola, the island’s traditional coconut bread, toast, fresh juice and coffee. The cabanas comfortably sleep four people. Additional adults are $35 each per night; children under 16 are free.

To reach Little Corn Island, guests fly on La Costena Airlines from Managua, which takes about 1 hour. The flights are twice each day to Big Corn Island. From Big Corn Island, guests take a 30-minute boat ride (in a small panga) to Little Corn Island. (If you take the morning flight you are on Little Corn by 9 am).

For more information on Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa and to inquire about reservations, visit:

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Pandora Premieres Los Amigos Invisibles Side Project: Chulius & The Filarmónicos

November 19th, 2013

Grammy Nominee and Latin Grammy Winner Julio Briceño From Pioneering Disco Funk Band Los Amigos Invisibles Debuts New Project Chulius & The Filarmónicos at Pandora:

Los Amigos Invisibles’ vocalist Julio Briceño’s new side project Chulius & The Filarmónicos’ ‘Shorts & Sandals’ debuts today with an exclusive premiere at Pandora.

Infamous for his high-energy live performances, catchy melodies and playful lyricism, Julio Briceño is the legendary frontman of the Grammy nominated band Los Amigos Invisibles.  

Chulius & The Filarmónicos’ ‘Shorts & Sandals’ features collaborations with Miami buzz band Elastic Bond and Gil Cerezo from Latin electronic rock pioneers Kinky.

Watch the Chulius album preview video with behind the scenes footage of Julio Briceño on tour with Los Amigos Invisibles:

Los Amigos Invisibles are twice nominated for this year’s Latin Grammy’s, including for “Song of the Year” (‘La Que Me Gusta’). This is the band’s third Latin Grammy nomination in a row, after their two previous Nacional Records releases ‘Commercial’ and ‘Not So Commercial’ were also nominated.

After debuting Top 10 on the Billboard Latin Pop charts earlier this year, the Latin Grammy nominated single “La Que Me Gusta” debuted its music video on Entertainment Tonight and is now featured in new Yoplait television ad campaign.

Having toured over 60 countries, Los Amigos Invisibles have maintained an untouchable reputation for both their meticulously crafted albums and stunning live performances, including sets at Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.

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Exotic Reptile Discovery in Ecuador Spawns New Tour

November 11th, 2013

Herping Adventures Hope to Encounter Elusive Pinocchio Lizard In Ecuador’s Cloud Forest

Pinocchio Anole

A lizard thought to be extinct has resurfaced and two young biologists/photographers in association with Tropic – Journeys in Nature are hosting herping adventures into Ecuador’s cloud forest in search of close encounters with a creature seen for just the third time in over 15 years.

The expeditions take place in the Mindo region of northwestern Ecuador, a mountainous, subtropical area located on the western slopes of the Andes, where two of the most biologically diverse eco-regions in the world meet: the Choco lowlands and the Tropical Andes which boast one of the greatest concentrations of bird species in the world (between 350-400 species) as well as 40 species of butterfly and 170 species of wild orchids.

Tropic’s herping excursions in a quest for the Pinocchio Lizard (aka Anoles Proboscis) begin in Quito and are available for groups of two or more participants, year round. ThePinocchio Lizard Expedition packages of four days/three nights start at $880 per person, double and include transportation, meals, expert English-speaking photographer/biologist guide, suite accommodations and guided activities. Included will be instruction in specialized field methods and photographic techniques for herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians). See:

After three years of searching for this oddity, a group of photographers and researchers from Tropical Herping; Paolo Escobar, Lucas Bustamante, Diana Troya and Alejandro Arteaga were finally able to document and photograph this lizard in January of this year.

Dubbed the Pinocchio anole (an anole is a type of lizard), the animal was first discovered in 1953. But it wasn’t seen between the 1960s and 2005, when an ornithologist observed one crossing a road in the same remote area in northwest Ecuador. This is only the third time scientists have spotted it since 2005, Arteaga added. Known as the Ecuadorian Horned Anole, this bizarre creature earns its title because of a rhinoceros like protuberance that grows out of its snout. See this video:

“Examples like this are one of the many reasons I’ve loved working on conservation projects in Ecuador.” says Phil Torres who works with Tropic – Journeys in Naturethroughout Ecuador researching and promoting unique conservation projects such as this. “There is a lot of excitement in these discoveries, and each region can offer something unique, from Pinocchio lizards to new species of glass frogs.”

About the Guides:

Alejandro Arteaga is an experienced and talented nature photographer and biology student from Venezuela. He has devoted the past five years to photographing reptiles and amphibians in the new world tropics, an activity he integrates with scientific research. Alejandro’s work as an investigator and photographer has been financed and supported by the zoology museum of the Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Cordillera Tropical foundation, and Amaru zoo.

Lucas Bustamante is a passionate biology student and wildlife photographer from Ecuador. For five years now, he has been fully dedicated to documenting Ecuador’s biodiversity, particularly reptiles and amphibians. A number of field trips, scientific articles and workshops have contributed to his thorough knowledge on tropical ecology and herpetology. Lucas’ work has been published in several local newspapers, magazines and educational books.

For more details on the discovery please see:

About Tropic Journeys in Nature
Established in 1994, Tropic is an award–winning ecotourism company specializing in responsible, community-based tourism in Ecuador. Programs combine life-changing, active-but-cultural ecotourism experiences focusing on nature, conservation, diversity and sustainability in three distinct areas:

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New Music Videos Premiere at NPR, USA Today, Okayplayer and Remezcla

November 11th, 2013

Ritmo Machine - Sosa Video

Recently, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs bassist and songwriter Señor Flavio pre-released his upcoming new album Nada Especial (Proxima Ola) exclusively on iTunes, with his new video for “Mexican Princess” premiering at Remezcla also today.

A series of new videos from Nacional Records artists representing a variety of genres, from ska punk to funky electro-pop to hardcore hip-hop, have recently premiered at mainstream outlets including USA Today and NPR, and cutting-edge sites Remezcla and Okayplayer.

La Vida Boheme‘s new music video “La Vida Mejor” debuted exclusively at  NPR Music’s All Songs Considered.  The band was recently nominated for two Latin Grammy awards, including “Best Rock Album” (‘Será’) and “Best Rock Song” (Hornos De Cal). La Vida Boheme was previously nominated for a Grammy and two Latin Grammy’s for their debut album ‘Nuestra,‘ with music featured in hit video games FIFA and Grand Theft Auto V. 

WATCH: La Vida Boheme “la Vida Mejor”

Ritmo Machine is a collaboration from Cypress Hill / Beastie Boys  percussionistEric Bobo (the son of Latin jazz legend Willie Bobo), and DJ/turntablist Latin Bitmanfrom RVSB. Their new video, which debuted at pioneering hip-hop site Okayplayer(founded by The Roots), features a guest appearance from Sen Dog of Cypress HillRitmo Machine has been featured at LA Times, 2DopeBoyz and NPR with their music featured on ESPN and KCRW.

WATCH: Ritmo Machine “Senny Sosa”:

Known as the long-time live voice of Thievery CorporationNatalia Clavier’s new video “Cantata” debuted at USA Today, who praised her “sultry blend of jazz and EDM.” Her previous music video “Trouble” premiered at The Onion’s A.V. Club, after recent features at NPRMTV Iggy.  and ABC News. She has toured the world performing at major festivals around the world with both Thievery Corporation and her husband Federico Aubele.  Her new solo album ‘Lumen’ was produced by Grammy-winner Adrian Quesada (Ocote Soul Sounds / Grupo Fantasma).

WATCH: Natalia Clavier “Cantata”:

Señor Flavio is the legendary bassist and songwriter for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. His new solo album ‘Nada Especial (Proxima Ola)’ is once again a raucous mix of punk, ska, dub and straight-up rock & roll.  Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are a Grammy winning international phenomenon, having sold millions of albums and concert tickets worldwide.  His new album will be released everywhere on October 29th but is now available exclusively on iTunes.

WATCH: Señor Flavio “Mexican Princess”:

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PINTA NY – The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show Announces 2013 Exhibitors and Curated Sections

November 11th, 2013

Introducing an exclusive and intimate international art fair of select exhibitors presenting the best Modern and Contemporary art from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

Marcos Castro, (1981 Mexico), Sin título (2012)

PINTA NY is pleased to announce the 2013 exhibitors and curated sections for the seventh edition of the Latin American art fair. One week before PINTA NY 2013 opens to the public, visitors from around the globe had an opportunity to preview the fair on, the official online partner for this year’s fair. The fair coverage on Artsy launched on November 7th, serving as a dedicated online resource for visitors to browse artists, works, and exhibitors, explore editorial coverage, view fair highlights selected by art world insiders, and inquire about artworks remotely. Coinciding with the Latin American and Contemporary Art auctions in New York City, PINTA NY will take place this Thursday, November 14 – Sunday, November 17, 2013 at its new location at 82MERCER.

PINTA NY 2013 will present 60 Exhibitors, from 20 countries showcasing over 160 Modern and Contemporary artists from Central and South America, The Caribbean, and Europe. Fairgoers will have the opportunity to view works by internationally recognized artists spread over two floors at the historic 82MERCER building in SoHo. The interior’s original, 19th century details, including brick archways, cast iron columns, and 14-foot ceilings, will receive an ephemeral interior layout design by two-time PINTA NY architect, Warren James.

For 2013, PINTA NY presents a curatorial format with four new platforms and a team of internationally recognized curators. The curated platforms include: EMERGE, curated by Jose Roca (Bogota/London); VIDEO, curated by Octavio Zaya (New York/Boston/Leon); CENTRO, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud (New York/Miami); and NEXT, a joint project of PINTA’s full curatorial committee. Exhibitors for the Modern section of GALLERIES were selected by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (Los Angeles) and exhibitors for the Contemporary section were chosen by Ian Cofre (New York).

Platforms and Exhibitors

PINTA GALLERIES, divides into Modern and Contemporary sections, and sets the overall program and vision for this innovative seventh edition. For PINTA MODERN, Cecilia Fajardo-Hill states:

This section reflects the expansion of a more diversified modern field in the areas of Abstraction, not only Geometric, but Conceptual and Informal. It will introduce works by artists that are fresh to the art market and a larger number of women artists, this way playing a key role both in the expansion of the Latin American art market, and in the fostering of the collections of the future.


The Contemporary section is comprised of galleries committed to promoting Latin American art abroad, making them the nexus for interpreting the other elements of this year’s project.

Marie Orensanz / Artemisa Absimthum / 1977 Fleurs Series

MODERN Exhibitors:
Alejandra von Hartz, Miami, USA | Cecilia de Torres, New York, USA | D21 Proyectos de Arte, Santiago, Chile | Document Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina |Espace Meyer Zafra, Paris, France | Henrique Faria Fine Art, New York, USA | Il Chiostro Arte Contemporaneo / Enlace Arte Contemporaneo, Saronno, Italy/Lima, Peru | Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile | KaBe Contemporary, Miami, USA | Mercantil Arte y Cultura A.C., Caracas, Venezuela | Museo Gurvich, Montevideo, Uruguay | Nueveochenta, Bogota, Colombia | Sammer Gallery, Miami, USA

The Americas Collection, Miami, USA | Artespacio, Santiago, Chile | ArtexArte, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Dot Fiftyone, Miami, USA | Galeria Alfredo Ginocchio, Mexico DF, Mexico | Galeria Forum, Lima, Peru | Galeria La Caja Negra, Madrid, Spain | GE Galeria, Monterrey, Mexico | Ideobox, Miami, USA | Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, USA | Pan American Art Projects, Miami, USA | Salon 94, New York, USA | Walter Otero Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico | Y Gallery, New York, USA

PINTA EMERGE presents eight emerging artists whose solo presentations will give the audience an in-depth look into their current work and practices. This year’s theme is Modern Ruin, which Curator Jose Roca’s elaborates as:

Ruins used to be a remote past and were evoked with nostalgia. But nowadays ancient ruins coexist with those of Modernity, a recent era that has already produced its own heap of rubble: traces of possibilities that never made it past their potentialities. The Modern project left us the ruins of political models that, defeated, become part of the sedimentary layers of History. The projects presented here reflect on the spoils of our most recent past.

EMERGE Exhibitors:
Raura Oblitas, 80m2, Lima, Peru | Nicola Lopez, Arroniz arte contemporaneo, Mexico, DF | Ricardo Alcaide, Baro Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brasil | Manuela Ribadeneira, Casa Triangulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil | Felipe Cortés, Espacio Minimo, Spain, Madrid | Paula de Solminihac, Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile | Kevin Simon Mancera, Nueveochenta, Bogota, Colombia | José Carlos Martinat, Revolver, Lima, Peru

PINTA VIDEO presents a selection of new video art. Curator Octavio Zaya states:

While experiencing and thinking on the works selected for this presentation–the first of its kind at PINTA New York—there is this ongoing feeling that we are living within the irreducible matrix of a multiplicity of times. These works, as thoughts, might be experienced as a break, a pause, or an interruption in the order of time, which, in turn, brings fracture into thinking. Thoughts of fractures / fractured thoughts, against time.

VIDEO Exhibitors:
Carlos Aires, ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Spain | Dani Marti, Breenspace, Sydney, Australia | Jose Luis Martinat, Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima, Peru | Zoe T. Vizcaino, Galería Moriarty, Madrid, Spain | Richard Garet, Julian Navarro Projects, Long Island City, USA | Lucia Pizzani, Oficina #1, Caracas, Venezuela |Carlos Motta, Y Gallery, New York, USA

PINTA NEXT, features young and emerging galleries that have been open under five years:

Blanca Berlin Galeria, Madrid, Spain | Carmen Araujo Arte, Caracas, Venezuela |Carmen Sandiego Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina | CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA | Document Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina | La Galeria – Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia | Nube Gallery, Santa Cruz, Bolivia | Rea One Day Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico |Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile | XS Galeria, Santiago, Chile | Yael Rosenblut, Santiago, Chile

PINTA CENTRO, is a regional, curated project concentrating on Central America. Curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud explains the project’s focus:

Curating the Central American section for Pinta New York has provided me an excellent opportunity to look at a region of the world that has been neglected by the international art community for far too long. I have found a core group of galleries that are deeply committed to exhibiting the work of Central American artists who focus on the region’s unique social and political history.

CENTRO Exhibitors:
Diablo Rosso, Panama City, Panama | Espacio 9.99, Guatemala City, Guatemala |EspIRA / La Espora, Managua, Nicaragua | Fugalternativa Espacio Contemporaneo, San Salvador, El Salvador

Returning to the fair is PINTA FORUM, the public program and lecture series coordinated by writer Miguel Lopez (Lima) and curator Gabriela Rangel (New York).

With the support of Fundacion PROA, PINTA EDITIONS is a newly introduced section devoted to the promotion of contemporary art publications and will feature Latin American foundations committed to the contemporary visual and audiovisual arts. All of the institutions that have been invited to participate are recognized for the rich culture of their countries of origin, which they will represent by exhibiting recent editions and publications about the visual arts produced in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Participating institutions, among others, include:

Americas Society, USA
Blanton Museum, USA
Fundacion Cisneros, USA
Fundacion Banamex, Mexico
Fundacion Mercantil, Venezuela
Museo MALBA, Argentina
Museo Mali, Peru

Artsy Partnership is the official online partner 
for PINTA NY 2013. The fair coverage on Artsy will launch on November 7th, 
serving as a dedicated online resource for visitors to browse artists, 
works, and exhibitors, explore editorial coverage, view fair highlights 
selected by art world insiders, and inquire about artworks remotely.

About Artsy

is the premier online platform for users to discover, discuss, and 
collect art and design. Artsy has built one of the largest online 
collections of contemporary art and is powered by The Art Genome 
Project. Artsy partners with 400+ leading galleries and 100+ museums and 
foundations around the globe. Gallery partners include Mitchell­ Innes 
& Nash, Sean Kelly, Gagosian, Mary Boone, Victoria Miro, Pace 
Gallery, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, R 20th Century and hundreds more, 
while institutional partners include the The J. Paul Getty Trust, 
SFMOMA, Smithsonian Cooper­-Hewitt, National Design Museum, 
Frankenthaler Foundation, Diebenkorn Foundation, Calder Foundation, and 
The British Museum. By bringing together art, science, design, and 
engineering, Artsy aims to foster new generations of art and design 
lovers, museum­-goers, collectors, and patrons.

To learn more, visit Artsy at

PINTA NY Exhibition Dates and Times:

Thursday, November 14: 6pm – 9pm: By invitation only
Friday, November 15: 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 16: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday, November 17: 12pm – 7pm

82 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10012

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WaiverSign – The New Digital Liability Release Solution

November 11th, 2013

Introducing one of the most easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available.

After months of meeting with businesses, attorneys, insurance companies, and the National Park Service, WaiverSign (, a new digital waiver system, is now available to activity providers, physical fitness instructors and facilities, equipment rental businesses and education facilities, as well as many others. Welcome to the latest in digital liability release capabilities.

WaiverSign allows companies to easily create and execute digital liability waivers, release forms and rental agreements that participants can read and sign online in advance of arrival at an activity, by using a desktop computer, tablet or phone.  In addition, participants can sign on location using a simple kiosk.

“Companies commonly use paper liability waivers or release forms for two reasons: for liability issues and to gather marketing information,” said Brandon Lake, founder of WaiverSign. “However, this often-illegible information gets stacked up in boxes for that rainy day when someone sits down to do data entry.  Not only is it time consuming to manually enter all the data (much of which can’t be read), companies miss an excellent marketing opportunity by not having the data in their database immediately before and after a participant’s experience.”

Because participants are emailed a copy of their signed document, businesses using WaiverSign have also reported an increase in participant emails gathered as well as accuracy of those email addresses.  “An additional benefit emailing the signed waiver,” says Lake, “is that it helps with the issue of a participant claiming that they never received a copy of the waiver and didn’t have time to fully read the waiver before their participation.” This is often a common defense with paper liability waivers.

Companies using WaiverSign’s electronic waiver system have reported huge savings in time and cost when compared to their previous paper processes.  They also love the fact that waivers are securely stored and backed up for the time they use the system and that they can be retrieved within seconds.

WaiverSign calculates that companies processing 8,000 waivers a year with WaiverSign will save more than $5,000 over paper waivers in time, labor and materials.

The WaiverSign application is designed for tour and activity providers, yoga and martial arts studios, exercise facilities, tanning salons, trampoline and inflatable party and play areas, and any businesses and venue that requires liability release and/or assumption or risk documents. For more details please see

About WaiverSign
Founded in 2013, WaiverSign offers one of the most easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to push and pull customer data directly to and from WaiverSign. This provides a simple and efficient way for collecting customer information in outside systems. For more information, visit

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Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados reflects on Latin Grammy Nomination

November 10th, 2013

A Note From Andrea Echeverri About Her Most Recent Latin Grammy Nomination For ‘Best Singer-Songwriter Album’ For ‘Ruiseñora’

Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados

Corría el año de 1997 cuando con Aterciopelados y la “Pipa De La Paz’ hicimos  historia.

Fuimos los primeros colombianos en ser nominados a un Grammy gringo (los latin todavía no existían).  En esa ocasión, nos atropellaron los Cadillacs.

En el 98 con ‘Caribe Automico’ volvimos a ser nominados y el gramófono quedo en manos de Maná. En el 2001 quedamos atrapados en L.A., cuando la ceremonia de los Grammys fue cancelada por el atentado a las torres gemelas.  Luego de un par de meses, la ceremonia se llevó a cabo y con Atercios obtuvimos nuestro primer Grammy Latino por ‘Gozo Poderozo’, pero fuimos dramáticamente opacados por Juanes y sus tres Grammys….este trofeo reposa en el museo nacional.

En 2005 con mi primer trabajo solista, fui derrotada por Laura Paussini y en el tapete rojo me volví invisible cuando me tocó entre Shakira y Paulina….

En 2007 con Atercios nos llevamos nuestro segundo Grammy con ‘Oye’ en Las Vegas y entré en la lista de las peor  vestidas….por supuesto, yo no vestía un traje de diseñador, sino el uniforme que usamos para tocar en Rock al Parque.

Ahora vuelvo al ruedo con Ruiseñora… me gana Caetano, todo bien.

English Translation

So, it all began in 1997 when Aterciopelados made history with ‘Pipa De La Paz.’

Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados


Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados

We were the first Colombians to be nominated for a Grammy – the Latin Grammy’s didn’t yet exist then. But we got run over by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

We were nominated once again in 1998 for ‘Caribe Atomico,’ but Mana made off with the award.

In 2001, we found ourselves stuck in Los Angeles when the Latin Grammy’s were cancelled after the attacks of September 11th. After a few months, the ceremony finally played out and Los Atercios had their first Latin Grammy for ‘Gozo Poderoso’. But our triumph was bulldozed by Juanes and his 3 Grammy awards.  Our trophy now rests in the Colombian National Museum.

2005 was a colorful year. I was nominated for my first solo project, which was beat by Laura Paussini and I was completely invisible on the red carpet, wedged between Shakira and Paulina.

In Las Vegas with Atercios in 2007, we took home our second Latin Grammy for ‘Oye’ and I was placed on the worst-dressed list. But what do you expect? I wasn’t dressed in designer clothing, I was still in the same outfit from our performance at Rock al Parque!

Now, I’m back in the running with ‘Ruiseñora’…and if Caetano wins, I’ll be ok with that.

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Rescuing Big Cats from Bolivian Circuses

November 10th, 2013

Rescuing Big Cats from Bolivian Circuses: LION ARK opens Nov. 15, 2013

Lion Ark

Laemmle Theatres and ADI Films are pleased to present LION ARK. More action adventure than traditional documentary, LION ARK follows the world’s most ambitious and daring animal rescue operation, with a narrative meticulously compiled from film, interviews, conversations and the reactions of participants as events actually unfold.

 The exclusive Los Angeles engagement begins Friday, November 15th at the Music Hall. Press screeners are available for review.

After an undercover investigation into animal cruelty led to a ban on traveling animal circuses in Bolivia, circus owners continued to defy the law. LION ARK documents the harrowing subsequent animal rescues as they unfolded. The team behind the investigation tracked down the illegal circuses and saved every animal, airlifting 25 lions to sanctuary in Colorado. This uplifting story of bravery, compassion, camaraderie and determination proves how a poor but proud country can say “no” to animal cruelty and how attitudes toward animals can be changed across an entire continent.

97 minutes * unrated * DCP * U.S.A./U.K./Bolivia * 2013

Music Hall

9036 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills CA 90211

(310) 478-3836

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