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  • Sibling Rivalry: Lanín and Villarrica Volcanoes

    Sibling Rivalry: Lanín and Villarrica Volcanoes

    Witness the magnificence of nature, represented here by the Argentinian/Chilean Lanín Volcano and the Chilean Villarrica Volcano.

  • Along the Amazon

    Along the Amazon

    “With a river cruise, you can be deep within the reserve by the time you wake up, and that’s just where I find myself.” – Nicholas Gill.

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  • Patgonia


    “A given destination for fitness and nature enthusiasts, this wild landscape of snowcapped peaks, rushing rivers and dense forests has historically brought visitors most intent on conquering it physically.” – Becca Hensley

  • Thermal Pools

    Thermal Pools

    “The bucolic setting {of Hotel Matilda} boasts pools of thermal water and a contemporary temazcal (sweat lodge).” – Jennifer Segelke

  • Sao Paulo

    Sao Paulo

    “This is São Paulo, and it’s a concrete jungle out there with plenty of adventure to be had.” – Sheena Rossiter

  • The Sea of Cortez

    The Sea of Cortez

    “Despite the boomtown atmosphere, local tourism officials are committed to a plan of controlled growth, in harmony with the delicate ecology that sustains the region’s natural attractions.” – Buzzy Gordon

  • Carnival


    “This is Carnival in Rio — one of the largest, most celebrated events in the world.”
    – Jennifer Segelke

  • The Bus

    The Bus

    “The bus for Cabo San Lucas leaves at 6 p.m. We rattle and hum down the spine of Baja California.”
    - Michael Fordham

  • Skiing the Andes

    Skiing the Andes

    “The Andes Mountains is the longest mountain range in the world, spanning the entire West Coast of South America, all the way from Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo down to Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. That’s seven countries, 7,000 kilometers of picturesque peaks and a spectacular ski season that runs through October.”
    - Ramona Flume

  • Islands of the Uros

    Islands of the Uros

    “Stepping foot on these islands feels much like stepping onto a raft floating in the water.”
    - Lisa Loverro

  • Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

    “The Incas didn’t have tools, they didn’t have the wheel, and yet the stones {of Machu Picchu} have been cut and placed perfectly.”
    – Margie Goldsmith

  • Villa la Angostura, Patagonia, Argentina

    Villa la Angostura, Patagonia, Argentina

    On June 4, 2011, the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcano erupted and buried the town of Villa la Angostura in Patagonia, Argentina, with 15 inches of volcanic sand and ash. this once dreamlike place now looked war ravaged; the greens and blues had been replace with the now dominant gray.

  • San Miguel de Allende

    San Miguel de Allende

  • San Miguel de Allende

    San Miguel de Allende

  • San Miguel de Allende

    San Miguel de Allende

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